Music for Videomappings and Large-Scale Projections

"Wo Bist Du - Licht !" Multiple Installations at Bad Homburg Castle, comissioned by the city for the 250th birthday of German romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin, including a large videomapping at the castle facade and an idle-loop installation at the orangerie which contained additional 4 separate speakerchannels - with actors reciting lyrics by Hölderlin. Visuals by Philipp Geist  

"BAUHAUS 100". Videomapping for the 100 years anniversary on the original BAUHAUS building facade in Dessau, Germany, including contemporary circus artists performing on the 16 balconies. Visuals by Philipp Geist, Circus Performance by Atemzug e.V.

"Kempten 200". Videomapping on the Residential Palace in the city of Kempten, marking the 200 years re-unification anniversary. Visuals by Philipp Geist

Cathedral in Debrecen (Hungary) as part of "Nights Of Lights Festival". Visuals by László Zsolt Bordos  

300 year-company anniversary Benecke-Kaliko, Hannover.  Visuals by Philipp Geist  

Grand Opening of Tortue Hotel Hamburg, Germany. Visuals by Philipp Geist  

"Flow" - Videomapping as a part of Lichtkunstfestival Weilheim, visuals by László Zsolt Bordos Projection site: Gattingerhaus  

"Weilheim Fades" - Videomapping as a part of Lichtkunstfestival Weilheim, visuals by Philipp Geist Projection site: Marienplatz (main square)

Videomapping on Zsámbék premontre monastry church, Hungary. Visuals by László Zsolt Bordos

"Time Drifts Avignion" as Part of "Helios Festival" Avignion, France. Visuals by Philipp Geist

Videomapping city of Brasilia (Brasil). Visuals by László Zsolt Bordos  

Indoor videomapping Dormero Hotel Stuttgart. Visuals by Tina Zimmermann and Daniel Bandke

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Cinema and TV [full score or featured sourcemusic, addtl. score]

"Die Wanseekonferenz" (IT) TV-Documentary about the Wansee-Conference of January 1942, comissioned by ZDF. Composition of the complete score for the international version

"Der Namenlose Tag" (IT) directed by Academy Award winner Volker Schlöndorff Featuring Devid Striesow

Helen Dorn: "Bis Zum Anschlag" (ZDF, 2015)

"Gier" directed by Dieter Wedel for ARD Featuring Ulrich Tukur, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Devid Striesow, Sybell Kekilli [also as music producer / consultant for all source and on-screen music]

"Things to Come" directed by Luciano Zubillaga, featuring Hanna Shygulla

"Feuer und Luft" (cinema) directed by Alexis Ward

Siska: "Bis ins Grab"

Siska: "Zwischen Kain und Abel"

Siska: "Abgrund"

Siska: "Hass ist ein stiller Moerder"

Der Alte: "Der Mann mit dem Hund"

Der Alte: "Tod eines Dealers"

Derrick: "Das Abschiedsgeschenk"

Derrick: "Gesang der Nachtvoegel"

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Audio-Videoinstallations / Audiovisual Art / 3D-Audio Artistic Support

"Tal Im Licht" Artistic audio/video-sculpture to accompany the architectural plan "Belebtes Tal" for a complete remodeling of the street "Tal" in Munich's old town, developed by the Munich based architect Markus Uhrig. 8 meter wide architectural model, 9 projectors, 6 channel sound, micro-videomapping Exhibitions: - Gallery Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany   Oct 2020 - March 2021 - Munich Airport, Terminal 2, Germany   July 2021 - August 2021

"Hemispheres" - Audio/Videoinstallation in the "Nineties Berlin Gallery" @ "Alte Münze" Berlin-Mitte. Visuals: Lars Ullrich. 8 videoprojectors and an Iosono 32-channel wavefield-synthesis audiosystem attached to a very large, semi-circled, curved screen, intermitted in two halves.

"Directions" - Audio/Videoinstallation inside the revolving cupola of the TV-Tower Dortmund (Germany) using music, sounds and voices in 360 degrees audio, synced with 6 videoprojectors. Implementaion of the visual concept: Kento Tomiyoshi

"Abstractions In Concrete" audiovisual room installation created together with visual artist Phil Max Schöll, as a part of the Tech Open Air (TOA) 2017 at Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastrasse. 9 projectors and 36 speaker channels using an Iosono wave-field synthesis system, were synced in time -and- in the directions of origin.

"Insel.1 / Insel.2"  5-channel audioinstallation for the circular plaza on Valentinswerder Island / Lake Tegel, Berlin 2 different multichannel compositions were alternately playing during the day/night

"The Memory Trace" - Audioinstallation as a part of the "Genius Loci Festival" 2015 in Weimar, Germany. More than 7000 visitors in 9 hours of public performance. 48 channel Iosono wavefield-synthesis 3-D audiosystem

"Vaight II"  4-channel Audio/Videoinstallation in Collaboration with Theo Altenberg. Volksbühne Berlin

"Changing Times" - Outdoor videomapping incl. Iosono spatial audio system (3D audio) at the "Alte Oper" (Frankfurt., Germany) in close collaboration with "Karmachina" (visuals) and "Fernweh" (music) as a part of "Luminale 2018" festival.

"Mirror" - Outdoor videomapping incl. Iosono spatial audio system (3D audio) at the "Herderkirche" in Weimar, Germany, in close collaboration with audio/video artists "Flightgraf" (Kento Tomiyoshi / Makoto Shozu) from Tokyo, Japan

"Nekton" by Francesco Mancori for Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin

"360" Permanent videoinstallation for Dormero Hotel Stuttgart. 8 projectors and a 30.2 channel audiosystem created a full circle installation, possibly one of the first indoor videomappings worldwide (2012)

"Animate V" Installation by Simon Dybbroe-Moller for Art Basel [addtl. recording and sound-design]

"BMW_Reactive" Interactive, photo-electric sensor driven, sound-installation for the BMW exhibition space in central Munich (Karlsplatz/Stachus). Additional sound design and technical supervision/support during opening times

 "Opel VR Room Rüsselsheim" Sound-Design for elements of the in-house immersive presentation-room (Iosono 30.4-channel audio)

"Linear Dome" by Daniel Bandke. 360 Degrees Fulldome Projection for Karl-Zeiss Planetarium and UK Fulldome Festival London  [Honorable jury mention at Fulldome Festival Jena]

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Theatre and Dance-Theatre Music

"Hard Candy" directed by Jens Schmidl - 3 revivals in different theatres in Berlin from 2015 - 2016

"The Wheel of Life" (Das Rad des Lebens). Dance-theatre featuring Kristina v. Eyck [Gasteig Kulturzentrum, Munich]

"Ni, Polare Resonanz-Forschung" . Dance-theatre featuring Lole Gessler

"Dance Macabre". Dance and multimedia-theatre performed in a Berlin cinema, featuring Lole Gessler as a dancer

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Live [only some examples...]

Mercedes Benz Arena [Soccer Stadium Stuttgart]

WMF [Berlin]

Distillery [Leipzig]

Platoon [Berlin]

Prinzregententheater [Munich]

Excalibur Festival open air in the ruins of a castle [Cologne area]

Excalibur Festival open air in Heiligengrabe [Northern Germany]

Ballhaus Naunynstrasse [Berlin]

Eiszeit Kino [Berlin]

Billboard Artspace Gallery [Berlin]

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Member of / formerly member of:

Schönhofer & Taido [with Mario Schönhofer] Llynn And Run [with Jaap van Haag] Orchestra Obscur [with Rudolf Moser from Einstürzende Neubauten and Roger Döring from Dictaphone ] Steel Cello Ensemble [with Bob Rutman] Velvet Phoenix [with Saphira Phoenix] Additl. collaborations with Tommi Eckart [2-Raum Wohnung] and DJ Good Groove [Harthouse records Frankfurt] for "Pulse" R.I.G.A

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DJ @ [sometimes incl. live elements]

VOOV Experience Open Air / Tacheles Berlin / Olympiagelände Munich ["Jahrhundertfeuerwerk"] / Kompressor Berlin / MFE / Karneval der Kulturen Berlin Walpurgistrance / Excalibur Open Air Trance Festival / MS Hoppetosse / Pavillion Volkspark Friedrichshain / RAW Tempel u.v.a. ...

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Released Music

• "Electro Swing" 38 tracks of electro swing and electro to be used as productions music released on Warner Chappell / Enterprises Sonor  (a joint venture of ZDF and Bavaria Films Studios), december 2017 • "Electro Metropolis" 40 tracks of productions music released on Warner Chappell / Enterprises Sonor (a joint venture of ZDF and Bavaria Films Studios), december 2015 • Llynn And Run: [Godsister & Bleeding Singles] • Velvet Phoenix: [Golden EP] • Steel Cello Ensemble / Bob Rutman: [Noise In The Library LP/CD] • Pulse: "Surface Tensions" [LP / CD, Harthouse / Warner Music, LC 5305] • Pulse: "Move Remixes" [by Olliver Lieb etc. EP, Harthouse / Warner Music ] • Pulse: "Bitter Fruits" [LP / CD, Harthouse compilation / Warner Music, LC 6450]

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Soundtracks [featured]

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: "Gier" [Bavaria Sonor, LC 23250] Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: "The Sound Of Derrick" [BMG, LC 0116] Welt der Wunder (TV): "Wunderland Deutschland" [Edel Music, LC 01666] Official Soundtrack CD - Opening World Championships in Athletics: "Harmonia Mundi" [Interchord, LC 1109]

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"Call Me A Fairy" [R.I.G.A., iTunes, Amazon] "Why Don't You Answer" [E. Schoener, Crossing Time and Continents, Universal Music, LC 13868] "Why Don't You Answer" [Flashback, MIG Music, LC 23370]

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Sound Branding / Sound Logos

On-hold music: Kanzlei Grundmann / Schüller [] Sound-logo: Fa. Devolo, Germany

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Company Collaborations

ARD, ZDF, RBB, N24, N-TV, Welt der Wunder, Enterprises Sonor, MostWanted:Music, Dormero Hotels, Degeto Film, Opel Rüsselsheim, Distillery Leipzig, Warner Chapell, Full Dimension (Shanghai, China), Harthouse Records, Stadt Dortmund, Edel Music, Barco Audio, Iosono, Barco Projectors (Kortrijk, Belgien), Tech Open Air /TOA, Ufer Studios Berlin, Nineties Berlin, BMW, Bavaria Sonor, Bavaria Film, Funkhaus Berlin, Volksbühne Berlin, Universal Music, Dane Davis (Danetracks L.A., USA), Genius Loci Festival, Gasteig Kulturzentrum München, Benecke-Kaliko/Continental Hannover, Lichtkunstfestival Weilheim, MIG-Music, Platoon Kunsthalle, Anhaltinisches Theater Dessau, Gerling Versicherung, Ljudbyran (Schweden),, Studio Mitte, Fohhn, ISE Amsterdam, TMT Cologne, B & R Medientechnik, StreamMeUpScotty, MBSR Karin Wolf, Filmuniversität Babelsberg, Tortue Hotel Hamburg, Luminale Frankfurt, Karmachina (Mailand, Italien), Flightgraf (Tokyo, Japan) History Media Filmproduktion, Stadt Bad Homburg, Flughafen München Terminal 2 GmbH, Pasinger Fabrik, u.a. ...

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