A/V-Installations_Conceptual Media Arts
Music for Projection-Mappings
General Overview
Project: "REM"_Audio/Videoinstallation Venice, Italy 2022
Project: "Directions"__Concept and Audiocontent for the Audio/Video Installation inside the TV-Tower Cupola in Dortmund, Germany
Project: "Hemispheres"__Concept and Music for the Audio/Video Installation at Alte Münze Berlin, Germany
Project: "Abstractions In Concrete"__Music and SoundDesign for the Immersive Audio/Video-Installation at Funkhaus Berlin, Germany
Project: "Wo Bist Du - Licht !"__Music for the projection mappings and installations @ castle BadHomburg celebrating 250 years birth of the German Poet Hölderlin
Project: "The Memory Trace"__Concept and Content for the 3D-Audioinstallation at Weimar City Castle, Germany
Project: "Kempten 200"__Music for the Projection Mapping on the Residence Palace in Kempten, Germany
Project: "Tribes"__Music-Composition in 3D-Audio for the Top Floor of the Shanghai Tower, China
Project: "Tal im Licht"__Concept and Audiocontent for an architectural A/V-Sculpture exhibited @Munich Airport and Gallery Pasinger Fabrik
Project: "Nights Of Lights Festival"__Music for the videomapping on the Cathedral in Debrecen (Hungary)
Music for the official IOSONO Marketing Video 2017
Project: "Vaight II"__Music for the Multichannel Audio/Videoinstallation at Volksbühne Berlin, Germany
Project: "On The Brink"__Music for celebrating 100 Years of BAUHAUS at the original Prellerhaus Building in Dessau_Germany
Project: "Flow"__Music for the projection mapping on a historic building in Bavaria during "Lichtkunstfestival Weilheim"